Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Furry Friend Brings Learning & Fun...and a Freebie!

I am a 'theme' gal...which is sometimes good, and sometimes maddening!

So this week we are talking about the groundhog, so naturally, I had to make my centers 'groundhog' themed!

Here's a peek at my math centers..

We are finally up to ordering to 20, so my kiddos practiced ordering groundhogs from 0-20.  Once they had them ordered, there were 2 b&w printables available.  They could order 0-10, 11-20 or 'take the first grade challenge' and do both so that their groundhog strip went from 0-20.  Because I had 'promoted' it in that way, all that have visited that center have taken the challenge, and in essence, completed the task I had intended!

Onto our number sort!  This is clearly their favorite this week!!  Students reach into the burrow (bag), pull out a card and decide if it is 'less than 10' or 'greater than 10.'  The number lines were a hit and I found many of them referencing it!  Once all the cards (objects, ten frames and numbers) were sorted, they completed the recording sheet- aka my way of number writing practice and assessment! 

Now to a freebie for you!
My students had so much fun with this 'color by ten frame'- groundhog theme!

I had ten frame and number cards for them to reference.  At first they needed some guidance, but by the third ten frame, they were practically independent!  Some even took it upon themselves to 'check off' the ten frames they had already completed! 

All done...looks fabulous, festive and fun...PLUS I know they practiced reading and counting a ten frame and identifying numbers over 20! This gem is now proudly displayed on my wonderful word wall!

Be sure to download your copy in my freebie pack that has this one AND a color by CVC groundhog printable!  We are doing that one tomorrow during word work!  

If your students LOVE the color by ten frame activity, be sure to check out the other sets I have for winter, 100th Day, Valentine's Day, and President's Day! I am working on a Winter Sports set and generic set!  
You can also find a ton of themed packs for Color by CVC word too!

Enjoy the freebie- feedback is always appreciated when you download a resource for free!

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