Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ditch the Store-Bought Number Line...Have The Kids Create It!

My kinders have been working hard on numbers 0-20...yet my current number line only went from 0-10.  I was about to create one myself (the store bought ones had 0-20...and I didn't need 0-10) when I had a 'vision!'

So I planned it out to see how it would work for both a group less than 10, and one greater than 10.  I had an entire package of smiley smelly stickers unopened that were just screaming to be used!

Each topic we have a flexible review day...this would be perfect...we could review counting to, making ten frames, writing, and ordering numbers 0-20 all in one...and when the 'lesson' was all done, we would also have a classroom number line for 0-20!

I created these two 'templates' that we used:

And I strategically picked who would get each number.  Perfect for me I have 20 I took the '0' and handed out the rest!

I wrote their number on a Post-It note and sent them on their way to write, fill in the ten frame and count out the stickers to match the number...

 Then we reviewed number order and they helped me put them in order as we hung them up in our classroom!
It was so long it went over our 'Wonderful Work Wall' and around the corner across the whole back of the room!

It looks fabulous- and I LOVE it so much more than the store-bought version!
Best yet- my kinders feel ownership! Not even 10 min later we found them referencing it during math centers!

Feel free to download the templates and try it out in your own classrooms!

This post is part of the Math Madness Linky hosted by Teaching Momster!
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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing this fun idea!!!!

  2. WONDERFUL idea!! Is there a link to download them?? Thank you for you genius :)

    1. If you right click & save/open in a new window you can get them. I didn't have a chance to upload as a google doc, but if it doesn't work, let me know & I will do that! Glad you like it! It makes my room look fabulous!!!

    2. It may be because I'm using a Mac, but when I right click it just jumps to the next pic. :( No pressure, but if you do happen to find time to upload it, I would truly LOVE to have these in my room ;) I follow you on FB, too, so WHEN you have a chance, I'll get the notice! Thanks so much. LOVE your blog and products.

    3. I just updated it and have the template as a google doc download! You can click on the hyperlinks and/or pictures now! Hope that helps!

  3. Awesome! I love how they took over your room! =) Bet your kids love that! Great idea!

  4. THANK YOU!! you're a jewel!! LOVE!

    1. You're very welcome...and I think you are the winner in the FB contest for feedback on the freebie too! Go check FB and see if that is your TPT username, as well! ;)


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