Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowball Fight...Kindergarten Style! Having Fun While Putting Numbers in Order!

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There is nothing more exciting to a bunch of kids than a snowball fight!

It was a FREEZING cold week and we were stuck indoors- so it was time to bring the 'snow' into our classroom and have some seasonal fun...and learning!!

We were learning about number ordering, so I printed 2 sets of snowballs 1-10 (one set on white and one set on light blue paper) so that everyone had a snowball and it would be easy to see put the numbers back in order (a white group and a blue group)!

The rules were laid out- snowballs go from bellies to toes, no throwing snowballs behind the teachers' desks, no running, etc!  Each kid got his/her snowball and had to ID the number on it.  

Ready, set....crumple!

But even better...on your mark, get set....SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Snowballs and giggles were flying all over the room!

After a few minutes they all heard 'FREEZE' and picked up the closest snowball.
If they had a white snowball they met on the rug. If they had a blue snowball they met by the door.  And then everyone opened up their snowball.

Once all the snowballs were opened it was time to put ourselves in order!

The first time I 'orchestrated' and assisted ('and what comes after __?') but then had them 'mix' and then 'fix' all on their own!
We'll be reviewing number order again this week, so our snowballs are waiting patiently for another snowball fight!
Want to try it with your class, I have an editable product in my TPT store just for this!
You can edit the snowballs to fit whatever you are working on- numbers, letters, CVC words, +/- facts and so much more!  It also comes with recording sheets so that students can also record what snowballs they find/open!
How else did we work on number ordering?  Well...our 'mittens' were quite wet after all that 'playing in the snow' so we needed to hang them to dry!  
I used an adorable set of winter numbers from Little Red Schoolhouse to make this set!

Next week we will be continuing to have 'SNOW' much fun!  I just finished these winter 'print and go' activities to use for homework.  As a thanks for stopping by, here is a set for free!

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Have a 'snow'-tastic week!
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  1. I love your blog. I work with special education students so I love the counting and cvc activities.

  2. I love everything about this post - and I am a homeschooling parent currently sweating it out during an Aussie summer! So creative - incorporating movement and so many social, maths and other cognitive skills. I am going to use an adaptation of this for our summer homeschool get-togethers - I'll swap the "snowballs" for water filled balloons - maybe I could squash a laminated snowball number inside the balloon before filling it with water, then when it breaks, the kids grab the numbers and line up. We do this outside with swimming costumes on, by the way! Thanks so much for the inspiration and freebie!!

    1. That is an awesome idea!!!! You could also use beach balls with numbers! Throw them around a bit & then grab & get in order! Nail polish remover takes sharpie marker off, so you could use the balls again for another 'game!' Enjoy the summer heat! Thanks for posting your 'winter' interpretation from around the globe!


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