Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Sports Ordinal Numbers Freebie!

A highly televised Winter Sporting Event will be here soon!
It will be on TV for 2 weeks- and our students are sure to be talking all about it!
Maybe you are planning a unit to teach them about the different events?
What a perfect opportunity to weave in a lesson about ordinal numbers and/or ordering numbers!

My ordinal number games have been a hit in my classroom, that I made this Winter Sports theme version as a freebie exclusively for my blog fans!

Just click on the picture above and it will open in Google Docs.  Download, print, laminate and play!  It takes little to no prep but will be a 'fan favorite'!  You are sure to be a 'gold medal teacher' in your students eyes after playing this!

I have our sets (mitten, cookie jar and gumball) in our early finishers basket and it is the first 'go-to' for my kinders- many are choosing to play this as their 'free choice' activity too!  AND- it has helped us build partnerships and taking turns!

When we begin discussions about Winter Sports, this one will come on out!  I have it all set and ready to go!
And you can too....On your mark, get set....DOWNLOAD!!
Enjoy this freebie- comments left below are greatly appreciated and help me guide my future posts and freebies!

Till the next post,
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  1. Love this freebie! So colorful and looks like fun too! Thanks .

  2. Thanks so much Carol! Enjoy! This game is one of my kinders FAVORITES!!

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