Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Putting A Newsletter 'Freebie' To Good...'SNOW'...GREAT...Use!

Every Sunday TpT puts out its weekly newsletter...and it is best known for featuring 10 fabulous freebies!

This weekend I found quite the treasure...
Click on the image above and join the over 16,000 people that downloaded it!!! Be sure to leave her a bit of love via feedback!

It is a mat that you can edit to create a 2-way sort of your choice!  You just click in the box and type what you want!  Super Easy!  It opens right in Power Point- you can change the size of the font, color, type, location, etc!  You can even add clip art (I added thumbs up and thumbs down images I got for free from Krista Wallden to help my kinders)  to the mats and/or recording sheet as you see fit!

Since my kids are working on reading CVC words, I did a 'Real Words' and 'Nonsense Words' sort.  We have also been having discussions about those important vowels and how they can change the meaning of a word, so this worked out perfectly!

I also had some of my kids record the real and nonsense words- and the freebie has the recording sheet for you to program included too!  This center was set up in NO time compared to the hours I sometimes spend!  I typed the words, printed on cardstock, laminated, cut and bagged!

**Management Tip***
Take a crayon and make a line across the backs of the snowballs that all go together in a set.  Then laminate and cut.  That way if a snowball ACCIDENTALLY gets mixed up in a 'snowstorm,' it can easily find its way back to the right 'fort!'

I witnessed my kids actually tapping out and decoding each word- not just 'guessing!'

And the recording sheet helped us practice our handwriting too!

This is from one of my higher groups that could handle a lot of words to sort and record!  WOO WAH!  Even I am impressed!!!

 And I love how I have some 'neat freaks' that had to line them all up and those that just 'sorted' and placed as the 'snowballs fell!'

This activity kept my kids engaged the entire time!  And at the end of the week, these will go into our early finishers basket for us to practice reading and sorting for the rest of winter- and at this rate- winter plans on staying around for awhile!!

I checked out her site and she has these other two sets of ready to go editable sorting mats:


And best yet- it appears she has them on sale!!! I am going to go add the Valentine one to my cart for the next 2 weeks of school- I am thinking of using the 3-way sort she has in there for kids to sort sight words by the amount of letters (2, 3 and 4) and possibly an ending or medial sound sort!  I can't decide!  And do you see the gumball sort on the front of the 'generic set?'  SOOOOO cute!!!

What fabulous newsletter freebies have you found lately?! 

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  1. Wow, thanks for using it and sharing it! I love your addition of the thumbs (going to go download those right now) and your management tip- great ideas! It looks like they had 'snow' much fun with it =).


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