Monday, January 6, 2014

Ringing in the New Year....just a few days late!

So today was 'back to school' after a two week holiday break!
Considering I ran into traffic detours that caused me to be 20 min late and then I came in to find a transformer blew in my heating vent and I had no heat, it was a great day!!

My kinders were definitely quieter...but so much taller!  I think Santa must have sprinkled magic growing dust over them all!

We got right back into our routine...but still left some time to ring in the New Year!

 I didn't get to take pictures of all our centers in action today, but here is one of our math stations.  My kinders practiced putting the numbers 1-10 in order on a ten frame and then recording the numbers (aka much needed number writing practice!)  They then worked in pairs to play 'find the missing number'.  They wanted to play the game so badly it motivated them to finish the pencil/paper task!

Want a set to try out in your room?  Click on the picture (to the left) above!

That link will also take you to a SIMPLE New Year party hat template!  My kinders cut it, copied 'Happy New Year' and we stapled it to a sentence strip- for added festive fun, I added some streamers to the top!

  We also decorated a pair of 2014 monocles from my New Year Super Pack

The pack is has goodies for 2014-2016- but no worries- I also have plans of updating it each year!

Once we were all decked out in our hats and monocles, we sat to watch the ball drop on the Eno board!  Isn't it great how technology can let us relive moments!  Some of my kinders had stayed up and saw it 'in real time,' some said they saw it the next day, but for most it was their first 'ball drop' experience!



But the best was, that behind them was me all decked out and to their surprise was my noise makers and blowers that helped 'announce' the 'New Year!'

Of course, I had some for them and they all got a chance to wear the 'special' hats and tiaras, fancy 2014 glasses and make as much noise as they could to welcome in the New Year!

I know this year is going to be super great...and it was so much fun to celebrate again with my favorite little friends!

Did you remember to get your 10 frame and hat pattern for FREE?  If not, click here to get both:

Use the number cards for addition/subtraction sentences too!  

Happy New Year!

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