Friday, January 24, 2014

Groundhog Day is Coming!

Now that February is upon us, be sure to check out my
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Today I started prepping for our Groundhog week of fun!

Our 'burrows' are ready!
 I cut part of the top of the bag off and then 'rolled' it down to look like the entrance to a burrow!
All the number, ten frame and sun/cloud cards are in the burrow.
I made number lines and put the sun/cloud on the 10 to help those students that need a visual cue.

Students will reach into the burrow, pull out the cards and sort!  I have a recording sheet for my more advanced kinders to fill out, as well!

They are going to have so much fun with this math center they will have NO idea they are actually working, practicing and learning!!! 

Leave me a blog post comment on what you think the groundhog will do this year and you could win this set for yourself!  I will choose a winner on Sunday evening!

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  1. Groundhog will NOT see his shadow...not sure of the weather there but here it feels like spring has already arrived!!! I would love the groundhog set, looks cute!!!

  2. Phil is definitely seeing his shadow (although one can hope not) if the current weather is any indication - below zero and dropping

  3. Phil will see his shadow and have an embarrassing moment caught on the live tv.

  4. I believe that this year, as in many years past, that we will make a great hoop de do over a rodent that we coax from his burrow and then there will be 6 weeks of varying weather and spring will arrive. :p

  5. Unfortunately, I too, think that the groundhog will see his shadow =(. Thank you global warming =( =(. This resource looks FANTABULOUS!!! I would be honoured to be the lucky recipient =). Thank you for considering me, Jennifer!!!

  6. Phil will see his shadow.

    1. You win! The random number generator selected 6! Congrats!

  7. More winter I think Phil will predict.

  8. Definitely six more weeks of winter! :o)

  9. I'm going to be optimistic and say NO shadow!! I need some spring weather. This Florida girl does not like the cold!! :)

  10. I am making a prediction that I might have a chance to win this as I am one of the few who followed directions and found my way to your wonderful blog. :-) :-) :-) Thanks so much for your hard work. I wish I had the talent.

  11. As badly as I hate to say this, I believe that Phil will tell us we have six more weeks of winter ahead. I hope I am wrong. We have had enough snow in Ky as far as I am concerned. Your groundhog pack looks so cute, I love how you made them look like burrows. :)

  12. Unfortunately, he will probably tell us 6 more weeks of winter. I am definitely ready for some warmer weather!


  13. Spring! Spring! Please!! =) Adorable craft, by the way!

  14. Wow!! I really like this activity. I really wish I can win this!!!


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