Monday, January 13, 2014

Having 'SNOW' Much Fun with CVC Words and More!

My kinders are diving into CVC words and we are having 'SNOW' much fun!

Today we built snowmen using short a words!

Some of my students were not quite ready for the CVC words, so they worked with rhyming sets.  Others were ready to write their own CVC words to add to the snowmen!  The best was when one of my kids said 'This is so much fun!  I guess we don't have to do a lot of learning today!'

I would love for you to try this out with your kids!  Here is a sample set for free that has the -at family set!
If you and your kids LOVE it, find the entire set here:

But that's not all the CVC fun we had!  In my phonics center this week, my kids will be building CVC trains!

Each tray has about 8 pictures and the letters needed to build all the words!  This week we are just practicing making the words.  Next week we will work on recording the words we built!

And we'll be all set to practice all winter long!  I have trains for winter, Valentine's Day and general 'train' all prepped and ready!

But our snowy fun did not end there!

This week we are working with numbers through 10 and number ordering!  I wanted my poem to reinforce and review numbers and number order- but also in a fun sing-songy way that they could reference if need be!  
So here is our poem!

Feel free to use if you are in need of a fun and quick poem for winter and numbers through 10!  Also reviews rhyming!!!

And we started using some Winter Interactive Notebook goodies!

This helped us review counting with 1:1 correspondence through 10 and number writing!
We have 'snow' many more pages to do in our notebooks all about winter this week!

Now I know Valentine's Day is a month away, but I saw these adorable graphics from Scrappin' Doodles and it made my wheels start turning!  I made a math clipping center for more/less!

There are so many ways to use this set!  Grab it now for 1/2 off as its 'debut discount'- only $1.50!!!
But that offer ends the evening of  January 14th!
I'll be sure to be posting pictures of us using these as February comes rolling in!
Thanks for stopping by!

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