Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celebrating 'P' Week...With Penguin Cake Pops!

Well my picture post on Facebook surely stirred up some interest!!

This week my boys, ages 4 and 3 (yes- they are only 15 months apart!) are learning all about letter P- and of course- penguins!

Tomorrow they are to wear their pajamas to school and parents were asked to donate a 'P' snack... the idea of sending in a bag of pretzels, or potato chips or popcorn did cross my mind, but I also LOVE making cake pops! can I make 'C'ake pops into a 'P' snack....I got it!  Penguin (cake) Pops!

And here they are!!! Aren't they just 'P'recious?!!!

So the question did I make them?!!

For the 'basic' how-to on making cake pops, first refer to my post from January 1st (click the hyperlink to be taken there!)  I posted a step-by-step tutorial on how to make cake pops- from 'cake' to 'pop!'  I chose for these to do without the stick- I know all too well what the moon has been doing to my kids and can only image the havoc the sticks may cause!  

So once you are up to the 'decorate' part here is how to transform the 'pop' to 'penguin!'

First, in addition the the cake mix, icing and chocolate you need for dipping, you will also need white chocolate melts and orange tic tacs:

Right after you roll the cake ball in the melted chocolate, stick a white chocolate melt right onto its 'belly' (this picture doesn't show it because I only have 2 hands, but it worked best to hold a spoon behind the cake pop as you press the melt on- otherwise you knock the penguin right over!)

Then push the tic tac in as the beak...

Let the chocolate set a bit.  In the meantime, melt a bit of white chocolate and put it into a ziploc bag. Cut the tiniest bit off the tip and squeeze two dots on as eyes.  Let it set.

Do the same for the brown chocolate to make the eye balls.

Let them set and dry and then plate them up!

A perfect palate pleasing treat for P week in winter!

Hope that helps and I would LOVE to hear all about the treats you make!!!

Until next post,
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